Vend Cash Placements

    Helping to put cash in your                                 
    hand one location at a time !         

Bulk Soda Snack  Locations

We are here to help you the  bulk and full size vendors get locations for your bulk/full size machines. We work with vendors all over the country to get locations to build their route or add to it.  Vending machines are an example of passive income, which means that a business owner do not have to be physically working at the vending location in order to be making money. This is a recession proof business that would be great for you to capitalize on. Let us help you do that.  A machine is no good to you with out a good location for it to be placed in.

We can send an agreement for bulk, snack / soda $400 For 75 plus employees count we need 1-6 weeks to find a location if location is not found we give back full refund. We also locate locations with less employees with more foot traffic we locate those as well. Our vendors have made great money with apartment complex because of the tenants.  All so traffic flow locations like a truck stops or bowling ally are money makers because of the sitting traffic. For a lower employee count $300. 

Its very easy to get started ask us for our agreement email it back go to our payment page place your order. We only give one to three bulk locations per vendor due to the amount of orders, and one location for full size at a time. Your payment must be paid for us to work on your order. Depending on the size, city and state you want locations in, It may take us 1-6 weeks to locate a great location. 

Our fee is fair $50.00 for bulk candy locations and $400 - $300  for full size locations.

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